Postcards From The Left Edge

Amy Salisbury

You may have noticed a new addition at our events. Staffed by WRB artists Judee Moonbeam, Jennifer Taft, and yours truly, it’s our new Postcard Booth.

Our Postcard Booth is designed to help you get your message out  Come on over and write some postcards with us! We have stamps, postcards, addresses, and even suggested messages, generally on a current topic of concern and targeted towards members of government. But please feel free to come up with your own messages. We would be happy to look up an address for you, and will even help draw a pair of flaming trousers if you need to tell Sen. Rubio that his pants are on fire.

Wondering what inspired our latest endeavor? It was you. While Rome Burns is passionate about helping everyone to find their voice in our community. Part of finding a voice is being informed about the issues facing us and the groups working to solve these issues.  WRB brings in speakers from local non-profits to talk about what they are doing to make our community a better place. After almost a year of listening to people speak about petitioning congress, after school tutoring, and building affordable homes, after doing a belly dance number with The Pearls, caterwauling with Smut City Jellyroll Society, and drumming with Chata Addy, I decided that it was time for us all to do more than just listen and learn. Our WRB audiences have a beautiful voice, a voice that aches with love and humor and righteous indignation. I want the people representing us to hear that voice.

Date: Every fourth Sunday, 5 – 7 PM
Location: The table in front of the sound booth at Mississippi Pizza Pub
Cost: Bupkus
Value: Immeasurable

Amy Salisbury is a co-founder of While Rome Burns

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