Gerle Haggard and The Big North Duo Hootenanny for Peace Village


This month While Rome Burns is going back to the well: The well of country, blues and swing music. American music. Music to lift the soul and get the feet to tapping and the love to flowing. Music that will make you want to hug your sweetie and do something good for the whole world. And guess what? You will be, if you join us. Because every penny we collect at our June benefit will go straight to the wonderful organization Peace Village! Here’s the deets:

Sunday June 24,  5 – 7 PM
Mississippi Pizza Pub & Atlantis Lounge
3552 N. Mississippi Ave
Portland, Oregon 97227 (map)
$10 (100% goes to Peace VillageS)
All Ages!

Peace Village

Our mission is to end hate and violence by empowering children, youth and families.  

We all encounter violence, from global wars to bullies in schools, intolerance, and our increasing inability to connect with, respect, and be kind to each other. These experiences contribute to a cycle that is at the root of so many problems in the world.

With over twenty years of experience, Peace Village teaches children, youth, and families practical and concrete skills in conflict resolution, empathy, creating inner peace, connecting with the natural world, and collaborative leadership. By focusing on these skills, we can help address some of the most challenging issues in our communities.

The Peace Village curriculum is focused on using the first three classes, Mindfulness, Connecting with Nature, and Media Literacy to prepare students for the development of real skill with our fourth class in Conflict Resolution.

We focus on teaching students to build inner strength as they learn to transform conflict and become mindful peace builders. Peace Village empowers each person to make significant changes in the world.  Since its inception, thousands of people have participated in our programs throughout the nation. Peace Village creates a place to come together, to learn, and to practice peace building.

We encourage community organizations, educational groups, and faith-based organizations to come together to support a Peace Village program in their communities.

Gerle Haggard Band

Gerle Haggard Band brings the best of Merle Haggard’s timeless music to audiences who’ve been loving songs like Mama Tried, Misery and Gin and Working Man Blues for nearly five decades, as well as introducing these and many more of Haggard’s classics to a whole new audience. This eight-piece ensemble features a terrific line-up of musicians who weave beautiful instrumentation, tight harmonies and a big heap of showmanship into a full-throttled entertainment event.

Check out the Gerles in action:

The Big North Duo

The Big North Duo is swing, blues and country on bass and mandolin. They’ve performed hundreds of concerts in all settings, developing a deep song list with a nice chunk of original tunes.

When The Big North Duo performs the audience smiles, toes tap, and everyone gets a break from the workaday world. The music comes from the deep catalogs of classic swing, blues and country, but features plenty of original material drawing from those traditions. On any given night the music may be swinging hard or it may be mournful, but it’s always from the heart.

Now how ’bout a little Big North?

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