Don’t get mad. Get pizza.

For Free!

Yes, you heard us – FREE PIZZA! If you vote, that is.  AND –  dance ’til your feet decide to take a hike, to the music of The New Iberians and the Reverb Brothers! And help support this month’s fabulous organization, Rahab’s Sisters! How could you go wrong?

Here’s the deal: While Rome Burns has two unique, yet compatible, motivating forces stoking the flames for this month’s event: The need to protect all who identify as women (seems like a pretty appropriate time to do this, right?) and to encourage folks to go to the polls and VOTE THE BASTARDS OUT (also, in our opinion, fairly timely).

So to doubly encourage you good folks to join us, we have TWO big offers for you this month: 1) Great music, suitable for dancing, mingling, and getting the kiddies tired out before bedtime (we’re an all-ages event, don’t you know). And 2) A FREE slice of truly outstanding pizza, provided by WRB and Mississippi Pizza, but only if (and here’s the catch), you have voted or promise to vote.

Just check in at our regular WRB table, attest to having voted or being on your way to vote, and we’ll provide you with a ticket redeemable for the delicious slice of your choice, hot from the legendary Mississippi Pizza oven. Mmmm…

So what more do we need to do to get you out on the fourth Sunday evening of October? Seriously, if this isn’t enough we don’t know what is. Please join us – and help While Rome Burns support Rahab’s Sisters  – and our constitutional right to THROW THE BASTARDS OUT. Thank you.

Sunday October 28,  5 – 7 PM
Mississippi Pizza Pub & Atlantis Lounge
3552 N. Mississippi Ave
Portland, Oregon 97227 (map)
$10 (100% Rahab’s Sisters)
All Ages!


Please consider bringing and donating toiletries/personal care items, such as travel size deodorant, shampoo & conditioner, hand warmers, sanitizer, razors, pocket tissues, soap and body-wash, African-American hair products.

Rahab’s Sisters

On December 5, 2003, the founding mothers of Rahab’s Sisters gathered on SE 82nd Avenue to offer hot coffee to women they met on the streets. Mugs of coffee evolved into a warm meal inside Saints Peter and Paul Episcopal Church, a safe space that is Rahab’s Sisters still calls home today. Before there were enough volunteers to maintain regular hours, women knew Rahab’s Sisters was open by candles lit in the windows – a warm and welcoming glow on a cold night.

Eventually Rahab’s Sisters decided to gather on Friday evenings from 7pm – 10pm. They added a regular stock of hygiene supplies guests could request every week, as well as community activities, from craft projects and karaoke to haircuts and foot care.

During their first 14 years, Rahab’s Sisters was run entirely by volunteers. As guest numbers climbed – fueled by Portland’s housing crisis, the booming opioid epidemic, and other factors – the board recognized the need for consistent leadership and raised money to hire their first executive director.

Over the past year, Rahab’s Sisters offerings have expanded to include Friday Circle, a therapeutic group where guests can seek support from licensed counselors and each other. They now open at 5pm, collaborating with other organizations that provide powerful resources for their guests, and becoming better known outside of their close-knit volunteer community.

The New Iberians

The New Iberians are a Family Friendly Festival and Club Favorite from the Pacific Northwest, guaranteed to get the crowd up and dancin’! 

The band’s name comes from the Gulf Coast City New Iberia, Louisiana, “Queen City of the Bayou Teche” and Center of Hot Pepper Sauce Production. Their music reflects their roots: Louisiana Zydeco, Northwest Rock, Memphis Soul, Chicago Blues.

The Reverb Brothers

The Reverb Brothers play original as well as obscure and traditional songs about love, death, drugs, sex, heartbreak, joy and despair. The REVERB BROTHERS generate an energetic, danceable sound greater than the sum of our parts. Our sound is a blend of 30’s jazz and blues, traditional country, New Orleans R&B, rock & roll, soul – our take on Americana. dances.

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