Pearl and Lovely for Innovation Law Lab: This Month’s WRB Extravaganza

This month While Rome Burns returns to a familiar issue: Immigration.

As I write this the government is (partially) closed for business and there is “a humanitarian crisis” at our southern border (for once, the president is right). The good news is we’re not sitting on our hands. Not us, and not the Innovation Law Lab.

The Innovation Law Lab is fighting on several fronts to ensure a humane, moral, and legal response to our country’s disgraceful handling of immigration issues. Through outreach, trainings, and lthe leveraging of technologies, these folks are making a real difference.

Extended detention of children, expedited and summary deportation of refugees, and targeting women for degrading treatment because they are seeking protection for their children is wrong. It is wrong morally. It is wrong legally. It is wrong as a matter of effective policy. That’s why the Innovation Law Lab supports the work of the legal and advocate community to end the practice of detaining families.

Innovation Law Lab

Please consider joining While Rome Burns, along with the astonishing Jet Black Pearl and Portland’s most dangerous blues vocalist Karen Lovely in supporting the Innovation Law Lab this month.

Sunday January 27,  5 – 7 PM
Mississippi Pizza Pub & Atlantis Lounge
3552 N. Mississippi Ave
Portland, Oregon 97227 (
$10 (100% Innovation Law Lab)
All Ages!

The Innovation Law Lab is a nonprofit organization dedicated to upholding the rights of immigrants and refugees. By bringing technology to the fight for justice, the Innovation Law Lab empowers advocates to scale their impact and provide effective representation to immigrants in detention and in hostile judicial jurisdictions across the country.

We envision a world in which every case that should win, does win, every time, everywhere.

Jet Black Pearl

Jetty Swart, aka Jet Black Pearl, was born in the Netherlands, lived and performed for many years in France and is now based in Portland, OR, USA. She writes intelligently zany songs and sings with humor and foreign charm. She has played her accordion at festivals and in clubs, schools, prisons, big tops and ruins throughout Europe, North America and Asia.

A formidable force of music, and truly has to be seen to be believed.

Three Weeks

The most eccentric and equally the most talented woman you will see in Edinburgh this month.

Broadway Baby

Karen Lovely

Karen Lovely

Karen Lovely offers up a blistering mix of contemporary Blues, Blues Rock, and American roots music. Known for her passionate, driven style, this powerhouse vocalist consistently delivers standout performances – both live and in the studio, garnering awards and critical acclaim throughout the US, Canada, Europe, and South America.  

A multi-award winning artist, Lovely has taken home 7 Muddy Awards for “Performance of the Year”, “Best Contemporary Blues Band”, “Best Female Artist” and “Best National Recording.” In 2018, she recevied her 4th prestigious Blues Music Award nomination for “Best Contemporary Blues Female Artist” and her 4th Blues Blast Music Award nomination for “Female Blues Artist of the Year.”

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