September is Beautiful Portland Month

Beautiful Portland feeds Portland’s hungry

While Rome Burns returns from our hot August vacation with a bang-up September show featuring two great acts: The Roadless Travelers and The Twisted 2. As always, 100% of the money we raise goes to our cause-du-jour. In September that would be Beautiful Portland, a non-profit with a mission to ease food insecurity for Portland area residents by funding and supporting the efforts of food-sharing volunteer groups such as Free Hot Soup (another WRB beneficiary).

Benefit for Beautiful Portland
Featuring The Roadless Travelers & The Twisted 2

Sunday September 29,  5-7 PM
Mississippi Pizza Pub & Atlantis Lounge
3552 N. Mississippi Ave
Portland, Oregon 97227 (
$10 (100% goes to Beautiful Portland)

Beautiful Portland was launched in August, 2018 by members of the neighbor-to-neighbor food sharing grassroots group Free Hot Soup, when they were approached by Portland City officials regarding the possibility of operating a city park specifically for food-sharing purposes. Though the opportunity of operating a dedicated park to food-sharing continues to hang in the city’s balance, Beautiful Portland has been actively fundraising to support the current efforts of volunteers food-sharing in downtown Portland Director Park, as well as preparing for the possibility of a leasing and insuring a dedicated park. It is Beautiful Portland’s mission to not only ease the burden of food insecurity for Portland area residents, but to also ease the burden of out-of-pocket expenses for volunteers sharing food, in order to make their efforts more sustainable.

The Music

The Roadless Travelers

The Roadless Travelers is a new band playing vintage rock and blues songs (from 1958-1990).Heaps of your favorites and choice gems. Featuring members of Monterey Purple, Brothers of the Baladi, and other Portland bands, the Roadless Travelers will play to your heart and kickstart your feet! Come dance with us – great grooves, gonna be a funky good time! The Roadless Travelers are Michael Beach-drums/vocals, William Chapin-guitar/vocals, Phil Garfinkel-guitar/vocals, and Chris Petryszak-bass/vocals.

The Twisted 2

The Twisted 2 features Dave Elizondo on guitar and Bob Blaedel on Cajon and congas. Leaning mostly toward acoustic guitar-powered originals, The Twisted 2 like to explore the Americana side of things – with a twist. Employing skillful harmonies and rhythms, The 2 aim to make the night fun. their motto is: Come on down, cause you never know what’s gonna happen

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