We’re still thankful. Especially for these guys.

We got to know the incredible folks with Red Lodge Transition Services at While Rome Burns‘ first Thanksgiving-proximate show two years ago (I can’t believe we’ve been at this for nearly three years). We were so impressed with their passion, dedication and determination – not to mention the heartwarming support they receive from their community – that we knew we wanted to continue the relationship with Red Lodge.

This will be the third time we’ve celebrated Red Lodge at our November event. I know if you’ve been to either of their previous events you’ll understand how meaningful this little gathering can be at this time of year. And we’ve got some great music lined up for you, all of them WRB veterans who never fail to elevate with their music and their commitment to community. Please join us and the Red Lodge Transition Services community. It will warm your heart on a cold winter nights – that’s a promise.

Benefit for Red Lodge Transition Services
Featuring Nico Wind, Sherrie Davis Morningstar & Tony Garcia Eagleheart

Sunday November 24,  5-7 PM
Mississippi Pizza Pub & Atlantis Lounge
3552 N. Mississippi Ave
Portland, Oregon 97227 (
$10 (100% goes to Red Lodge Transition Services)

Red Lodge Transition Services is a Native American led organization that provides culturally focused programs for women releasing from jail, prison or treatment.

Red Lodge serves approximately 1,200 people per year in 11 Oregon State prisons and one jail with cultural programming and Native American Religious Services. Our programs aid in prevention, responsibility, respect and empowerment of individuals, families and communities. Approximately 80% of our re-entry clients are women and 20% are men. Red Lodge’s work in the prisons often helps Native Americans reconnect to Native spirituality and culture. We are a community-driven organization with almost 100 volunteers throughout the state of Oregon. Our volunteers are the heartbeat of Red Lodge.


The Music

Nico Wind‘s performances and presentations include all age groups and types of audiences.  She has stories to share of her life’s experiences on and off the reservation.  She feels honored to be called a song carrier.  She continues to learn the songs of her relatives. Sources of songs come from the reservation, dreams, memories, friends of a number of different tribes, old tapes of family members and other elders. Nico has a beautiful memory about when she was living on the reservation when some of the other kids were giving her a hard time about being a ‘breed’ (half breed) and she cried to her grandmother about how the insults were hurting her.  Her grandmother asked, “Which half is Indian and which half is not?” Nico replied that she was all mixed up together. Her grandmother said, “You’re not a “breed”, then, you’re all mixed up!” Nico laughed. The grandma then got really serious and said, “You are a horizon child.  Part of you lives in the great grandfather sky and part of you lives where the sky touches the earth. And because of that, my girl, you will never be any one thing that is not beautiful.” The grandma embraced her for a long moment with her wonderful, unconditional love. Nico will never forget her words. 

Nico always tries to honor the spirituality of her culture with her music. She believes in giving something back to the universe for the blessings and wisdom she has received as a human being. As an artist, song carrier, and animal advocate, Nico feels that our existence depends on what beauty we share and leave behind when our time here has come full circle. Nico Wind Cordova lives on the horizon and sings with the Horse and Wolf spirits, the moon and stars.

Sherrie Davis Morningstar, is a multi-cultural Indigenous flute artist. Sherrie inherited the gifts of her musical talents and inspirations, from her grandparents. 
Sherrie grew up in Pendleton, Oregon and works in the healing field as a specialized behavioral health therapist in Vancouver, Washington. Sherrie is a public speaker, artist and composer of Native American Flute music and plays at venues all around Oregon and Washington. Her multi-cultural heritage has influenced her musical style and helped her to create relaxing and beautiful sounds with her flutes, her songs are composed from dreams she has of her grandparents and ancestors coming to her dreams to teach her songs and influencing her creativity.

Tony Eagleheart Garcia has been singing and playing music for most of his life. Beginning in the 50’s, he spent the 60’s and 70’s in the San Francisco Bay Area where he performed in coffee houses, clubs and concerts, and ultimately as part of the free rock festivals in the Golden Gate Park where he had the honor of performing with bands like the Grateful Dead, Santana, Jefferson Starship and the Youngblood’s.

Tony also has deep roots in indigenous life. His given name is Cante Wambli, which means “Eagle Heart” in Lakota, and he was raised by his native nation, the Tarasco people of Mexico.

His Contemporary Native American Music draws from all genres of music celebrating life, family and his spiritual connection to indigenous ways of being with respect to nature. These are his primary sources of inspiration. He is always striving to grow, learn and share the findings of his truth through conversation, music and storytelling; as storytelling is part of native culture that weaves the fabric of his – and all of our – existence.

Tony’s philosophy is simple: Life is sacred, a blessing and Creators sacred gift. He writes about nature, justice, love, respect, unity and faith. Tony seeks an abundant blanket of gifts to share with family, friends and all people – in gratitude, rather than fame or excessive financial fortune. His deepest desire is to share this experience of love and understanding as he walks on this Sacred path.

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