About WRB

WHILE ROME BURNS is a group of Portland-area musicians and artists formed in response to current social and political trends. Our mission is to leverage the power of music and community to support and affirm diversity and social justice in our neighborhoods, our communities and our world.

We donate our time and craft through an ongoing series of events, providing music and a forum for various projects and organizations that support tolerance – religious, ethnic, gender and sexual orientation/identity – and advocate the celebration of our differences. We reject the politics of exclusion and believe that sharing through music and community is a path to a richer, more empathetic world.

WRB Support Crew

The Burners
Left to right: David Stenson,Julie Garland, Guy Masson, Clark Salisbury,
Jaime Leopold (seated), Karissa Lowe, Jennifer Taft, Amy Salisbury (seated),
Michael Beach, Judee Moonbeam, Jennifer Smieja
(Not pictured: Phil Garfinkel, David Jack Jester, Leah Hinchcliff, Nancy Breaux, Jim Wolfe)

Coffeeshop Conversation with Clark Salisbury

Clark Salisbury

Check out Tom D’Antoni’s Coffeeshop Conversation with While Rome Burns co-founder Clark Salisbury

(from the Oregon Music News online magazine):