Chelsea Sue

Chelsea Sue is a singer-songwriter located in Portland Oregon. She captivates audiences with her delicate angelic vocals singing vulnerable original music and covering various styles and genres of popular songs.

“Chelsea Sue is a magical, musical princess and you would be lucky to be her muse. She writes songs that make the world a closer, happier place. Her voice is like a mixture between Fergie and Jesus. She is the Mother of Dragons and the Khaleesi of your heart once you hear her play.” -Mateo Trono

“Her ethereal voice and her beautiful heart will take your soul to heavenly places.” -Michael Paul

“She has a voice as addicting and sweet as cotton candy.” -Kathy Adamovic Beltran

“Chelsea Sue is a 21st century version of son of our beloved female singers of the 90s: Jewel, Enya and Rilo Kiley. She is a down to earth, fun-loving young woman who listening to is truly a delight to listen to. Everytime I saw her play around Portland: Bussing in front of NWSalt and Straw, at NW Whole Foods coffee shop, and in front of Starbucks on NW 10th I was relaxed and comforted which was helpful since I was a guest in Portland and didn’t fully know my way around town. When she isn’t singing she is a cool laid back young woman who is silly, authentic and busting with passion and creativity. Don’t miss your chance to see this young woman play her acoustic guitar and sing your favorite hits so beautifully!” -Kate Ferrara

“Chelsea Sue is the Empress of Space Fairy Folk.” -Jake Osborn



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  1. Johnny says:

    Your voice, And you are beautiful. Keep singing. I wish to hear you play in person one day. Good luck…
    . Tempe, Az.

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