Michelle Alany & The Mystics

Journey through exotic lands with this fiddle-driven caravan of Jazz Manouche, Balkan, Klezmer, Sephardic & original soul music, spiked with a Texas fiddle twist. Really. Michelle Alany & the Mysics music is captivating, in no small part due to Michelle Alany herself. It’s impossible to look away when Michelle steps up to coax a 500-year old tune from her violin, to make it her own, and then to cast it upon the audience like so much fairy dust. Oh, and she sings, too. Boy, can she sing. Resistance is futile, truly.

Fresh off a tour in Spain, bandleader, violinist & vocalist Michelle Alany is back to bouncing around the US, playing dates in Texas, Alaska, New Mexico and on and on. She’s becoming something of a Portland regular, popping in every now and then to juice up the local world music scene a wee bit. While Rome Burns is most fortunate that her busy tour schedule matched up with our May benefit event for Don’t Shoot Portland – we are pleased and honored to include her soulful, positive and timeless presence in service to the cause.

Here’s a taste – check out Tea and Schnapps from Michelle’s upcoming album:


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