Right To Health

Fact: Health disparities related to racism exist everywhere.

At Right To Health, breaking down barriers to health access in Portland is our mission.

By serving people IN their community, we build more resilient citizens.

For over 10 years, Right To Health’s wholly volunteer team has provided mobile health outreach services, workshops, research support and more to Portland and like-minded organizations nationwide. 

We screen, we advise, we listen.

Right To Health is a 501c3. To learn more, please visit: right2healthus.org

Leslie Gregory, founder

Leslie is Right To Health’s founder. A certified PA, navy veteran, and mother of two, Leslie is a passionate social justice advocate focused on healing those affected by everyday racism. The daughter of two civil rights and social justice activists, Leslie was born and raised in northwest Ohio, moving to Portland in 1994. In 2006, Leslie founded Right To Health out of frustration that her primarily preventive cardiology work was not very accessible to those needing it most: marginalized communities and people of color. Since then, Leslie has counseled a health events and become a notable figure in antiracist facilitation and mediation. 

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