The Reverb Brothers

For as long as I can remember Claes Almroth has been on the local music scene, popping up here and there in the clubs and dives that guys like me – guys without a discretionary entertainment budget – would hang out at. I finally got to work with Claes about a decade ago when I joined local Zydeco outcasts, The New Iberians. Claes was one-half the frontline for the band at the time, and in that position brought a giddy mix of American roots music: Blues, folk, country, R&B… I think he even had a Zydeco tune he liked to pull out now and then (hey – I told you we were Zydeco outcasts.)

Claes (along with co-founder Doug Marx and the rest of the band) brings that same eclectic repertoire and a decidedly non-mainstream sense of humor to the current project, The Reverb Brothers. The Reverbs have more than a decade in the trenches of the PDX music scene, mining for gold in the dusty archives of what is most easily described as Americana. At any given show you’d be likely to hear music from Little Walter, Slim Harpo, Sonny Boys I and II, Ray Charles, JJ Cale, Memphis Slim, the Stones, Howlin’ Wolf, and Willie Nelson.

Add to this encyclopedia of American roots music the energy, joy, and just plain fun the Reverbs bring to every show, not to mention the opportunity to support a truly worhty organization (Rose Haven), and what more do you need?

But don’t take my word for it. Join us Sunday, February 25, and find out for yourself.

The Reverb Brothers @ The White Eagle

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